Puerto Cisnes, Carretera Austral, Patagonia, Chile

Puerto Cisnes, Carretera Austral, Patagonia, Chile


Puerto Cisnes is a very simple, remote, and small, coastal fishing village. It is located 35km west from the main Carretera Austral. The turn off to Puerto Cisnes is approximately halfway between Puyuhuapi and Coyhaique.

There are two reasons to visit Puerto Cisnes. One is to experience a place that is relatively “cut off” from the active world and the other is to get over to the National Park Isla Magdalena, for which you will need to secure some type of nautical transport.

Brief details
  • Open: Only sea access
  • Area: 617,052 acres
  • Climate: Rainy and mild
  • Rainfall: 157 inches annually
  • Ecosystem: Evergreen Chono Forest
  • Founded: July 11, 1983
  • Schedule a trip in boat with local guides to spot and learn about a huge diversity of marine life.
  • Circumnavigate the island in sea kayak.
  • View Mentolat Volcano (5,446 feet above sea level) and, for more seasoned hikers, plan an ascent to its peak.
  • Visit Puerto Gaviota, a fisherman’s cove at the southern edge of the island.
  • Visit the Santa Isabel and San Andrés islets to get a closer look at the sea lions.

National Park Isla Magdalena

Isla Magdalena’s rugged landscapes, deep ravines, and coastal bluffs make it an ideal environment for species such as Penguins, Cormorants, Sea Lions, and Huillines (Southern River Otters). Situated between the Chilean continent and the Guaitecas Archipelago, in Río Cisnes, Isla Magdalena is one of the largest islands to the south of Chiloé. 80% of its surface is protected land. At the center of the island, the peak of Mentolat Volcano stretches 5,446 feet above sea level amongst the exuberant flora of the northern Patagonia cordillera.

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