Most of the accommodation located along the Cerretera Austral will be in the lodge style. Usually, lodge means a building constructed from natural wood on the exterior and an interior with stone-sided open fireplaces; soft, warm interior lighting, and natural, woven materials often as part of the interior decoration. However, the comfort level of lodge will vary between the rustic, simple level right up to the top-end luxury level as well as those considered to be “in between” also. In addition to the there are, in the main cities, the familiar hotel-style options.

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Puerto Varas Awa Hotel Featured Image

Here at Experience Chile, as part of our philosophy to offer our clients an experience based upon local knowledge, we make it part of our business to know as many accommodation options as possible at a personal level.

We realise that we cannot depend on what is published in the internet (and nor should you) because every type of accommodation be it a hotel, lodge or bed and breakfast feels that their place is “the best”, which so often, is just not the case.

We visit the accommodation options, at a high cost to us, in order to see what a place is really like through regular inspection visits, ideally staying overnight. If we can stay overnight it allows for a better understanding of what the experience will be like for our clients, should they also stay in the same place.

In order to better find the accommodation that best suits your particular requirements we have categorised the accommodation options in a way that we feel best defines each hotel. In addition to this category system we also stipulate if the property has been “inspected” and / or “approved” by us. If a hotel has not been inspected, it means only that. In the event that a place has not received our “approved” label it just means that we do not feel we cannot “overly recommend” that place, but it may be perfectly good.

NOTE: You may well have a particular hotel, or lodge, that is not shown in our listings. If this is the case, PLEASE tell us what and where this hotel is, and we will include it in your itinerary.

Good Level Hotels

We define a “good level” hotel as being a place that does not merit, yet, being in the luxury nor “top, or high end” level of accommodation. Good level means a perfectly decent, comfortable hotel.

Mid Level Hotels

Our “mid level” category is a hotel that could be better, but is not bad either. Usually these properties are “practical” more than providing any particular characteristic that would push it into a higher category. Therefore it is in-between good and “could be better” ie “mid level”, but nevertheless will provide acceptable accommodation.

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