Elqui Valley Hotels and Accommodation


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The Elqui Valley is a special destination in Chile. Unlike the other key places of interest, such as Torres del Paine, the Lake Region and San Pedro de Atacama, the Elqui Valley retains a Chilean authenticity. It is still “real life” and not a place that has developed (yet) on the back of tourism.

The key places to stay in this valley are Vicuña and Pisco Elqui.

Vicuña offers the facilities of a “proper” town and an experience of what an authentic, Chilean town in the north of Chile is like. It is also an excellent base from which to venture further, on day trips, into the Andes to the smaller villages such as Pisco Elqui. And, in addition, there is the great Mamalluca Astronomical observatory that offers night tours for star gazing.

For more information on Vicuña see here

Accommodation at Vicuña is, generally speaking, at the simple and rustic level. However, there is one hotel that we determine offers a higher level of comfort and facilities. This is called Casa Molle.

Pisco Elqui
Located higher and further into the Andes is the tiny settlement of Pisco Elqui. This is a place to come to for the day, or for several days and just relax. It offers the visitor a unique perspective of the simple, quiet, Andean way of life. Many of the accommodation options here have outdoor pools and terraces as well as maybe a meditation room, or area; usually a space or transparent ceiling so the stars can be observed and a generally very relaxed ambience. Therefore, if you are seeking this type of experience Pisco Elqui is the place.

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Accommodation in and around Pisco Elqui is generally a mix of cabins, domos and some boutique-style lodges.

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