Iquique Hotel Accommodation


The city of Iquique offers the visitor a glimpse into Chilean, mining history as well as a place to relax by the beach, or at a hotel with a pool. In addition, there are numerous water-based activities usually associated with a beach destination that are on offer here.

The accommodation options here comprise hotels that are “traditional” in the sense that they are typical, modern, cement-constructed buildings, most with an outdoor pool and some with views to the Pacific. Therefore, there is not much that distinguishes one hotel from the other, apart from room size, facilities, and service.

In this section we highlight only those hotels that we have chosen as our partner hotels.

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Iquique Hotel Partners

We present in this section our hotel partners in Iquique. Why do we have accommodation partners? The basic reality is that we, like you, want to know which hotels are “decent”, and that they offer comfortable accommodation in terms of rooms and facilities, and we prefer to work with those hotels that “pass our test”.

NOTE: Remember that we realise that you may well have a particular hotel, or lodge, that is not shown in our listings. If this is the case, PLEASE tell us what, and where this hotel is, and we will include it in your itinerary.

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