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The Atacama Desert is known to be the “driest desert” on Earth, according to the historic, recorded, or in this case not recorded, levels of rain fall. Apparently, there are areas where rainfall has never been recorded – although it does rain in and around San Pedro de Atacama, but not for long and then the water gets evaporated quickly.

Consequently, this historic lack of regular rain, combined with high altitude, volcanic eruptions, lava flows, the rise of the Andes Mountain range, constant evaporation and snow on the highest elevations has created a unique, visually “draw dropping” spectacle.

In addition, the dramatic, natural wind sculpturing of sandstone reveals varying colour tones of red, orange, and brown. Complementing this are the vast spaces covered in only sand and other immense areas of white-coloured salt, only add to this example of natures ability to be awesomely beautiful in a way that perhaps is not easily imaginable.

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Why have we just said all that? Well, in San Pedro de Atacama, the hotels have also managed to reflect a similar level of imagination and created buildings that are individual, unique, and work perfectly with the natural surroundings. Some have accomplished this feat so well that staying for a few nights in the hotel is a worthwhile experience in itself.

San Pedro de Atacama Hotel Partners

We present in this section our hotel partners in San Pedro de Atacama. Why do we have accommodation partners? The basic reality is that we, like you, want to know which hotels are “decent”, and that they offer comfortable accommodation in terms of rooms and facilities, and we prefer to work with those hotels that “pass our test”.

NOTE: Remember that we realise that you may well have a particular hotel, or lodge, that is not shown in our listings. If this is the case, PLEASE tell us what, and where this hotel is, and we will include it in your itinerary.

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