How to get to San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile


San Pedro de Atacama is located 1,664km north from Santiago, therefore, the most sensible way to get here is to fly in from Santiago.

The flight will take around 3hrs and land at Calama, sometimes going via Antofagasta. From Calama you will then require a road transfer that will take just over one hour to get to San Pedro de Atacama.

San Pedro de Atacama is almost 100km southeast from Calama.

Transfers and Rent a Car

Upon arrival to Calama airport you will have four options to get to San Pedro de Atacama.

Pick up a Rent a Car.
Take the regular minibus transfer.
Have a prearranged, private transfer meet you.
Board a prearranged transfer as part of an all-inclusive program.

ExperienceChile.Org will be very pleased to include a rent a car, private transfer or prearranged transfer in an all-inclusive program, in your travel itinerary. However, we do not recommend a rent a car purely and simply because as a visitor you will not know the area, and the terrain here has the ability to cause problems if you were, for example, to run out of gas (petrol), have a puncture or get lost. It is much better to take a local excursion service, with guide, to any of the places of interest.

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