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The northern tip of Chiloe Island is separated by only a few kms from the Chilean mainland, and until a much talked about road bridge is constructed there are only three ways to get to Chiloe Island.

By Plane

El Calafate Flights

One is by flying in from either Santiago or Puerto Montt airport into the airport at Castro (the capital and main population centre of Chiloe).

Flight time from Santiago to Chiloe is about 2hrs direct, and about 30mins more if the plane has stopped off at Puerto Montt.

Flight time from Puerto Montt is less than 30 minutes.

Naturally, if you prefer a private jet then we can arrange that, and the flight time will be a little less.

By Road

The second way to get here is by vehicle, be it in your own rental car or private transfer.

If you are using this method the drive from Puerto Montt is along RUTA 5 to Pargua, a distance or around 56km. From Pargua, which is directly southwest from Puerto Montt, you need to take a ferry (many operate constantly during the day, departing every 30min or so), over to Chacao on the north-eastern corner of Chiloe Island. This crossing will take about 45min and offers the opportunity to lazily look at the view and be accompanied, if you are lucky, by dolphins and sea lions swimming in the channel nearby. From Chacao it is 27km east to Ancud and 88km south to Castro.

Therefore, from Puerto Montt it is 83km, plus the ferry crossing to Ancud and 144km to Castro, plus the ferry crossing. Realistically, the combined drive and ferry time to Ancud from Puerto Montt is approx. 2.5hrs – 3hrs, and to Castro it is 3.5hrs – 4hrs, considering slow traffic.

By Sea

Only to cover this option, yes, you can arrive by boat, but you will need to be aboard a private motor launch or yacht. Interestingly, here at ExperienceChile.Org , we are offering private crewed, navigational charter options for the channels and fiords around Chiloe, but this is not a transfer option to get to the island.

There is also an option to be on board the ferry that departs from Chaiten, on the Chilean mainland on the Carretera Austral, but we do not arrange that and this arrives to Quellon 92km from Castro, further in the south of the island.

ExperienceChile.Org can arrange any of the above services and include them in your itinerary.

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