El Chalten Trekking Information

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El Chalten has become established as a firm favourite for destination trekkers. Offering invigorating trails amid stunning scenery, but with hotel comfort each night, this is an ideal destination for any outdoor lover.

Treks will start from El Chalten village or from Hosteria Pilar, but Hosteria Pilar is located 17km north from the village. A few other treks start at the Laguna del Desierto, which is 37km north west from the village and from the Humuel Reserva, also outside the village.

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How Long are the El Chalten Treks?

El Chalten treks vary in length with some being a short, hour or two walk, and others requiring a trek of many hours, including a few with overnight camping options.

Many of the treks also start at the same place and follow, initially, the same route until they split and lead to a different final, destination.

What is Fitz Roy at El Chalten?

Fitz Roy is the name of one of the mountain peaks at El Chalten. The Andes mountains run north to south to the west of El Chalten village and Mount Fitz Roy is in the northern sector at a height of 3,405m. Fitz Roy is also the generic name applied to the trekking trails that provide a view of the Fitz Roy mountain.

What is the Torre at El Chalten?

The Torre is Mount Torre, one of the mountain summits at El Chalten reaching a height of 3,102m. Also, in this sector is the spectacular, jagged-like peak is Poincenot reaching a height of 3,102m. This mountain is to the south-west of El Chalten village and visible from afar. Trekking trails in this sector tend to be enveloped in the category of “trekking Torre”.

El Chalten Trekking Trails

From El Chalten village you will be able to hike these following well-known trails: the Mirador del Torres, Cerro Torre, Campamento de Agostina, Laguna Torres, Mirador Maestri, Camp Poincenot, Mirador Glacieres, Laguna de Los Tres, Laguna Sucia and Laguna Capri, among other trails.

In our menu bar you will find access to all the information you need about each trail as well as information on our El Chalten trekking map.

What follows below, on this page, are only the trail names, but you can link through to the actual page with information on the trail.

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