How to Get to El Chalten

Getting to El Calafate

  • To get to El Chalten you will first need to get to El Calafate. To get to El Calafate you will need to either fly in from Buenos Aires, Ushuaia or Bariloche.
  • Alternatively, you can get to El Calafate by road from Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales, which will take 6hrs (including the paperwork at two border posts – and NOT what Google maps says!).

Note: ExperienceChile.Org will arrange the transport and transfer you need to get to El Calafate as long as we are handling the rest of your travel itinerary.

Getting to El Chalten from El Calafate

Unless you hire a helicopter, the road transfer will take 3hrs from El Calafate to El Chalten. There are basically three ways to cover the distance.

Regular Bus

El Chalten Bus From El Calafate Experience Chile

Each day there is a regular, scheduled bus service that departs from the bus terminal in El Calafate (tickets need to be bought in advance to be sure of a seat). On the way the bus will stop off for a short bathroom and coffee stop at the famous La Leona hotel.

There is also a return service from El Calafate each morning and evening.

Private Transfer

Although the transfer time will take the same as the regular bus, a private transfer means a door-to-door service, privacy and an overall more exclusive service that will depart when you want.

Rent a Car

Naturally, if you have a driver who is willing to drive for three hours then a rent a car will offer total independence.

However, when you are at El Chalten, the car will be somewhat wasted because there is nowhere else to drive to and if you are trekking it will parked all the time.

Here at ExperienceChile.Org we can arrange any of the above services for you as long as we are handling the rest of your itinerary.

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