Lake General Carrera, Carretera Austral, Patagonia, Chile


Lake General Carrera, located 356km south of Coyhaique, is the largest lake in Chile which also crosses into Argentina, whereupon it becomes known as Lake Buenos Aires.

On its south-eastern shore is the village of Chile Chico; on its north-west shore is the Puerto Rio Tranquilo (from where the boats depart to see the marble caves); and around its south-western sector is the village of Puerto Guadal. It is around here where most of the accommodation is located.

Puerto Guadal

Puerto Guadal is a small village located beside an inlet on the south-western shore of Lake General Carrera, 115km directly west from Chile Chico.

The geography on the way to this part of the Carretara Austral, that is to say between Villa Cerro Castillo to Puerto Guadal, is “typical” Patagonia. For example, jagged mountain peaks interspersed with glaciers and snow coverings, cascading waterfalls, forested valley sides, meandering rivers, remnants of forests devastated by volcanic eruptions and, in places, turquoise-coloured lakes and rivers.

What’s Here?

In this area are opportunities to trek into the past and discover millennial fossils, trek atop of glaciers (with guides and proper equipment), go up rivers and creeks in a high-speed jet boat, fly fish on the Baker River, lakes and rivers, visit the natural marble “cathedral” caves at Puerto Rio Tranquilo, or just relax and take in the tranquillity of the remoteness.

This is definitely an area that merits a stop off for a few nights if you really want to enjoy what is on offer here.

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