Puerto Madryn Argentina

Experience Chile can include Puerto Madryn in your itinerary as part of your South American travel trip under an all-inclusive program with transfers, accommodation and tours included. Suggested minimum stay is 3 nights.

However, if you do decide to come here, flights are operated only from Buenos Aires, which is a 2hr flight each way. The airport at Puerto Madryn is Trelew.
Therefore, to get here and then move to somewhere else will require back-tracking to Buenos Aires.


The destination of Puerto Madryn, which is 1,130km south of Buenos Aires and on the Atlantic coast, has become the base from which to see an amazing variety of marine wildlife that lives in and around the bay of Golfo Nuevo.

In this area it is possible to see elephant seals, sea lion colonies (the Punta Loma sea lion reserve is southeast of Puerto Madryn) and the beautiful sight of southern Right whales that come into the bay during breeding season between June to mid- December and with their young around September / October time.

Breeding Season

The sea lion breeding season runs from late December to late January, but visiting is usually good until late April. Bull elephant seals start to claim their territory in the first half of August and the breeding season is in late September until early October. Orca whales can be seen attacking seals at "Punta Norte" during February and March.

The land is also a wildlife haven for guanacos, rheas, Patagonian hares and armadillos.

Puerto Madryn Brief History

Founded in 1865 by the arrival of 1,500 Welsh immigrants, who named the natural harbor Porth Madryn, after Sir Love Jones-Parry, whose estate back in Wales was called Madryn. The small settlement developed further when the Central Chubut Railway was built and opened in 1888, linking Madryn to Trelew, where most flights arrive to.

Puerto Madryn Places of Interest

Right Whales: June to mid December
Orca Whales: February - March
Sea Lions: Late December to late January
August: Bull Elephant Seals

Clothes to Bring

Summer clothes with warm tops and pants. Hat, sun glasses and sun-protection cream.

Experience Chile Itineraries Puerto Madryn

We can arrange a 2, 3-night program at Puedrto Madryn (or longer), whereby you will arrive, be transferred to your hotel and then be taken each day on the various excursions, taken back to your hotel each day and on the final day be taken to the airport.

Flights will operate out of Buenos Aires which we can get for you, or you can also arrange if you prefer.

However, if you want to see whales and you cannot get ot Puerto Madryn, trips are also possible out of Punta Arenas in Chile.

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