Places of Interest, Puerto Williams, Patagonia


This island is a place for nature lovers and those who really enjoy the outdoors and who are not afraid of “real weather”. Yes, it will likely rain, be windy and cold too. There are many interesting, outdoor things to do and places to explore.

Here below, are only the better-known ones.


Best Time: December to March.

Trekkers: You CAN buy gas cookers at hardware stores and one particular place called Shila where you can also rent other, required equipment for camping and trekking.

Main places of interest

Trekking Circuit “Dientes de Navarino”


  • Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Distance: 35km
  • Accommodation: Own tent and camping equipment required.
  • Start: West of the village at the River Robalo.
  • End: At the old Maclean fishing terminal, at the eastern side of the village.

Note: This trail passes through very remote territory and, as you can see above, take a few days to complete. During this time the weather can change and close in at any time, therefore you must be prepared to take shelter if need be.


The “Dientes de Navarino” (means the Teeth of Navarino) is the name given to a series of jagged “teeth like” mountain peaks on the Navarino Island. This is a southern-most trekking trail in the World. On clear days from the highest part of the trail there are great views of the Beagle Channel and even the Cape Horn Island.

However, it is not for the “light trekker”, no, on this trek you need to be fully equipped for bad weather and any dangerous situation. Therefore, you need to have the right clothing and the right gear and, ideally, a guide.

Along the trail there are areas cleared for camping, in the event that you need to shelter from the elements. The weather can be extreme for long periods.

Trek La Bandera Cerro (or Hill)

This hill has a flagpole flying the Chilean flag and from the summit there is a fine view over the Beagle channel and Puerto Williams village.

The length of the trail is 4.5km, which starts and ends at Puerto Williams village. It is considered to be easy, even though there is a steady incline. The first part will pass by a waterfall called “La Virgin”, located 3km west of the village.


To get to the Virgin Waterfall you walk from the central plaza along a street called “Lewaia” in a south-west direction until you get to the street called Muñoz. From here the path turns west along the street called “Cabo de Hornos”, whereupon at the end of this street is the “Cascada” street. There will be the Plaza Virgin, then, going in a north westerly direction, towards the airport, there will be a continuation of the street called “Cascada”. If you take this street and walk 3km you will come to the start of the trail for the “Dientes de Navarino” where there is a marker that says “Hito” 1 (76km). Take this trail head to the right and you will come across another marker for the trail to “Cerro La Bandera”.

From the main Puerto Williams Plaza to the trail head will take about 40 mins to 1hr walking.

Then, about 3km up the trail there is a panoramic view over Puerto Williams, the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego Island to the north, and to the south the “Dientes de Navarno” (Teeth of Navarino).

Navigation to the Glaciers Cordillera Darwin

From Puerto Williams the navigation heads east to the northern arm of the Beagle channel where the glaciers come down from the Darwin mountains. These glaciers come down from the southern-most ice field in the World and form part of the Alberto de Agostini National Park, the final park in that make up the “Rutas de los Parques de la Patagonia”.

Other places of interest

Villa Ukika

This is a small settlement inhabited by descendants of the native Yagan people. There is a “Kipa Akar” workshop where artisan craft is made.

The Yacht Club

In the marina there is an old, half-sunken, steam ship that operates a great bar from within one of the central deck areas. If you feel like experiencing a totally unique place to have a beer or other drink, then a visit here is highly recommended.

Beagle Channel Navigation

Weather permitting there is an option to paddle in canoes on the Beagle Channel. Parts of the route will trace the same navigational path of Charles Darwin, when he discovered these waters and islands in 1826 and then returned in 1830.

Trek Bahia Virginia (Virginia Bay)

The start of this trail is 6km from Puerto Williams west of the village where there is an ECO Lodge. After hiking 2km you will arrive to the Bahia Virginia. In this area there are a number of birds such as: woodpeckers, caranchos (caracara plancus), tiuques (chimango caracara), caiquenes (magellan goose / chloephaga picta) and penguins; and, sometimes whales.

Further along there are archaeological sites depicting the life of the Yagan people.

Etnobotánico Omora Park

This park is a natural laboratory whereupon scientists can study the southern-most forest in the World. The park is open for visitors who are not scientists, as long as they respect the environment.

Horse Riding at the End of the World

From Puerto Williams there is the possibility to horse ride around the areas near the village. On clear days you will get nice views of the Beagle Channel, and the “Dientes de Navarino”. During the ride there are also some archaeological sites that mark the presence of the Yagan people.

Trek Punta Gusano, Laguna Zañartu & Bahía Róbalo

The start of this trek is on the beach close to the airport, 3.1km west from Puerto Williams.

The trail is on a bank of Puerto Williams bay where there are costal and marine birds. From here there is a view back to Puerto Williams, the Yacht Club “Micalvi” and the “Dientes de Navarino” in the distance.

Laguna Zañartu is located on a peninsula where the immediate landscape is that of pampa and Humedal. The view from here is of a view of the Beagle channel, and in the distance on the other side the city of Ushuaia and the Andes mountains.

Note: Experience Chile can arrange the above activities as part of the rest of your itinerary that we will have arranged. However, we do not arrange these services as standalones.

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