Puerto Raul Marin Balmaceda, Carretera Austral, Patagonia, Chile


Located: 32km South from Puyuhuapi Village

This National Park covers the forested mountains all the way from Puyuhuapi to an area past the Queulat Park entrance. The park itself is full of native trees and a glacier called Queulat Hanging Glacier, which is “hanging” in a valley between two sides of the lower Andes, whereupon the ice melt falls from a great height in a narrow, but strong waterfall. The accommodation we have below is located beside the fiord and only a few kms from the Park entrance.

Although the park can be visited during the day when driving the Carretera Austral way south, or north; to enjoy it fully, a stay of a couple of nights at the lodge near the park will allow visitors to “get into” the tranquillity and beauty of the natural nature in this area. From a base near the park, you will be able to walk the trails and enjoy a full day, or more, and then retreat back to the cosy comfort of your lodge for the night.

Brief details
  • Open: Year-Round
  • Area: 380,772 acres
  • Climate: Cold temperate climate, with no dry season
  • Rainfall: 135–160 inches annually
  • Ecosystem: Temperate Rainforest and High-Mountain Deciduous Shrubland
  • Founded: October 13, 1983
Can't Miss
  • The Ventisquero Colgante, or hanging glacier, is the most emblematic feature of the park.
  • Cross the Ventisquero River footbridge.
  • Visit the Los Témpanos and Los Pumas Lagoons. In the summer, you can also explore Los Témpanos in boat.
  • Visit the Padre García Waterfall, which is around 100 feet tall.
  • Explore Lake Risopatrón, located near Puyuhuapi, along the route.
  • Enjoy the 33 curves of the Queulat slope, winding up to the pass.

Parques en Región de Aysén

Parque Nacional Queulat

Queulat means 'Sound of Waterfalls' in the Chono people’s language. This park was first seen in the eighteenth century by Jesuits searching for the mythical City of the Caesars. Today, Queulat National Park, near Puyuhuapi, is admired by thousands of visitors each year, who are attracted by its beautiful evergreen and Andean Patagonian forests, its waterfalls, fjords, jagged rock walls, abundant rivers, and famous hanging glacier or «Ventisquero Colgante,» which can be spotted from the Carretera Austral.

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