Clothes to Pack and Wear when in Santiago de Chile


Most people will visit Santiago at some time during the summer months. This means December, January and February. During this period the climate and overall weather system is Mediterranean but moving more towards a semi-desert climate. This means long, hot, dry days and short, warm to cool nights.

Therefore, visitors need to pack summer clothes such as:

Light pants (trousers), short-sleeved shirts, shorts, light shoes, light shirts, light sweaters, light jacket as well as sunglasses and a hat. Ladies should consider light skirts and dresses, light pants, light shoes, light blouses and short-sleeved shirts, a hat and sunglasses.

However, always add in an outer jacket in case it rains and for cooler evenings.

If you visit in the winter, you will need heavier clothes in general plus a scarf, hat, overcoat / fleece, and raincoat in your wardrobe. The winter months are May, Jun, Jul and August.

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