Vitacura, Santiago de Chile


The suburb of Vitacura covers a sector north of Las Condes, following the path of the Mapocho River, below the volcano-shaped hill, or mountain, called Manquehue. Directly under the Manquehue hill, as well as covering its eastern side, are some of the most impressive-looking houses in Santiago, many in the style and size of those found in the Hollywood Hills of California.

This district is primarily comprised of residential houses as well as more recently, modern apartment blocks and modern office buildings, including the Sanhattan area.

Nueva Costanera Mall

In addition, Vitacura contains the exclusive shopping and restaurant street called Alonso de Cordoba, along with another street that intersects it called Nueva Costanera. Along Nueva Costanera is a very exclusive, small, mall called Mall Nueva Costanera and to the north of this mall, two blocks away is a fine park called Parque Bicentenaria, which is very nice to walk in. This is a great place to come and enjoy a coffee or tea in the middle of the open terrace or a meal too.

Adjacent to the southern border of the Mapocho River is a kind of “restaurant mall” called Borde Rio, where there are numerous restaurants offering varied food styles.

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