Skiing Chile Lake Region, Chile, South America


Introduction to Skiing Chile Lake Region

Skiing Chile Lake Region begins at its northern end around Temuco, and Temuco is 676km south, by road, from Santiago.

This part of Chile is exceptionally beautiful, both in the summer and the winter months. Its landscape comprises rolling hills, native forests, rivers, lakes, numerous volcanoes and the ever present white-coloured peaks of the Andes Mountains.


Northeast of Temuco is the ski centre called Corralco (120kms from Temuco). This is one-hotel with adjacent ski area on the side of the Lonquimay Volacano within a beautiful, designated National Reserva – the Malalcahuello. In this area are the amazing Araucaria trees (“monkey puzzle” trees). And, from the high altitudes there are incredible views over the beautiful Andes.


Then, 107kms southeast from Temuco is the small, boutique, lake-side village of Pucon, where there is the Villarrica Volcano on the side of which is the ski centre of Pucon. This is another area of outstanding, natural beauty whereupon there are ancient, native forests where trees reach incredible heights and there are views from the ski base of a landscape full of lakes, forests, volcanoes and mountain peaks.

In both Corralco and Pucon the skiing offers more than just a mountain slope. It also offers a likely new experience for those who have never been skiing within such surroundings before.

We will be presenting information on both of the ski options in the Chilean Lake Region.

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