Pucon Skiing, Chile, South America

Introduction Pucon Skiing

Pucon is an attractive, boutique, lake side village and very popular in the Chilean summer months. However, on the side of its dominating and active Villarrica Volcano where the snow falls on its slopes in the winter, there are ski lifts and a ski centre called Pucon Skiing.

The area is one of outstanding natural beauty and among the many activities on offer are: visits to volcanic caves, rafting in the Trancura river, expeditions to the top of the Villarrica Volcano, fly fishing, horseback riding excursions, bicycle excursions across mountains and forests, visits to hot spring pools, waterfalls and lakes.

The skiing here is limited in terms of groomed pistes, but exciting because of the fact that it is on the side of an active volcano. Pucon is a draw for Chileans living in nearby Puocn and Temuco, and Chilean families who come down from Santiago. It is also popular with Brazilians who come to Chile in the winter because they love the snow. For Europeans and USA citizens who are thinking of Pucon as a ski holiday we would suggest that you be prepared to be flexible and open to other activities (of which there are many) should there not be enough snow, or other events take place that result in the ski centre having to close due to bad weather, or volcanic activity.

On a clear day there are superb views over the lakes and mountain peaks. The natural beauty of the area is stunning and after a hard day on the slopes, the many thermal hot springs in the area offer a unique way to relax.

Pucon Ski Centre Infrastructure

Location: 107km southeast from Temuco, 13km from Pucon village
Road Distance from Santiago: 781km
Skiing Altitude: 1,550m (5,085ft) to 2,440m (8,005ft)
Vertical Drop: 890m
Summit of Villarrica Volcano: 2,582m (8471ft) above sea level
Usual Ski Season: July, August, September
Pisted Terrain: 20 runs, 20% Beginner, 30% Intermediate, 30% Advanced, 20% Expert
Backcountry Access: Yes
Historical Season Snow Dump: 9m
Lifts: 9
Accommodation: In and around Pucon village
Mountain Restaurant: 1 / Ski School: 1 / Ski and Snowboard Rental: 1

Getting to Pucon Skiing

There are two options to get to Pucon Skiing from Santiago. One is to drive from Santiago and the other is to fly to Temuco and then have a transfer whisk you to Pucon.

How to Get to Corralco Skiing Centre

Driving from Santiago
The main Ruta 5 Highway will bypass Temuco city centre (676km south from Santiago) as well as pass the entrance to Temuco airport. Shortly after the airport turn off (which you ignore) there is a road toll and then a few kms past this point is a turn off at Freire to Villarrica. Take this turn off and drive to Villarrica (which is 55km from the turn off). Villarrica is located at the western end of Lake Villarrica. From here you take the southern, lake side road to Pucon 25km. However, just before entering Pucon the entrance to the Villarrica National Park will be on the right. The road that goes into the National Park leads halfway up the volcano where the Pucon ski centre is located. It is a 13km drive up to the ski centre carpark passing through pretty and ancient native forest.

Flying in from Santiago
Alternatively, there are regular flights to Temuco from Santiago, and these take around 1.5hrs, and the road transfer from Temuco airport to Pucon village is around 1hr and 15min. Pucon is 107km from Temuco.

ExperienceChile.Org will arrange for your flights and onward transfer should we create a Pucon Ski itinerary for you.

Accommodation and Ski Weeks at Pucon Skiing

All accommodation for skiing at Pucon is located either in Pucon village or at places near to the village.

Here at ExperienceChile.Org we work with only selected partner hotels and the link to these accommodation options is here below.

However, as we always say, should you want a hotel that is not within our partner program, please let us know and we will include it in your itinerary.

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