Torres Del Paine Hotels

We offer unrivalled local knowledge regarding hotel accommodation options in and around the Torres del Paine Zone. We make regular inspection trips to verify and evaluate the reality. Let us handle your accommodation requirements in Patagonia.

Hotels Within Official Boundary

There are, in total, four hotels and one up-market camp that are within the official boundary lines of Torres del Paine National Park (TDP) and these are Hotel Las Torres, Explora Salto Chico Lodge, Hotel Lago Grey, Hotel (Hosteria) Pehoe and the ECO Camp.

Hotels West Of Official Boundary

To the west, literally just over the “boundary line” of TDP on the other side of the Rio Serrano are: Hotel Rio Serrano and Hotel Paine, with a few others such as Pampa Lodge, Lago Tyndal and Nash lodge nearby.

Hotels East of Official Boundary

To the east of TDP we have Tierra Patagonia, Awasi Patagonia and Estancia Cerro Guido.

Hotels South of Official Boundary

To the south of TDP we have Patagonia (Yurt) Camp.

Note on Boundary Line

If a hotel is within the boundary line of Torres del Paine or not should have no effect at all on your enjoyment of the park and its surroundings. No matter where you are, during a typical day, you will need to travel an hour or more to get to another place within TDP. Also, the views and scenery are spectacular from most places, although less so from the Hotel Las Torres and ECO Camp, but in these places you gain from being at the trail head up to Torres base.

The quality of accommodation varies. There are the “World Class” top end of hotels such as Explora Salto Chico, Tierra Patagonia, Awasi Patagonia to the unique places such as the Estancia Cerro Guido; good level such as Hotel Lago Grey; commercial level such as Hotel Rio Serrano and Hotel Las Torres, and more rustic level such as Hotel Paine and Hotel Pehoe. Then there is the up-market camping (called “glamping”) level of ECO Camp and Patagonia Camp.

Here below we have a short description of each property and some photos. ExperienceChile.Org works with all these hotels, which, of course, have different room rates. However, we only offer to make reservations in these properties if they are part of your overall itinerary.

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