There are various options for accommodation along and nearby the W Trek trail in Torres del Paine. Refugios, Domos, Serviced Camping, Luxury Camping (Glamping), Hotels and Luxury Lodges.

Refugio (Hostel)

Torres del Paine W Trek Refugios

However, if you prefer to mingle with other travellers and are okay to share a dorm room, sleep in a bunk bed and have meals with everyone else, as well as share communal WC – shower rooms, then a refugio is what you need. Note that in one place, Cuernos, there are also private A-framed cabins that sleep up to three people (still need to use communal WC, shower room). The cabins are 50m away from the refugio, where meals are taken.

Refugios are youth hostels that are dotted along the trail and provide a fun social space to unwind and re-charge after your day on the trail. However, here at Experience Chile we only book full-board accommodation, so all of your meals will be included throughout the duration of your trip.

The refugios of Torres del Paine National Park vary in size and quality, so make sure to contact us if you’re unsure which option is right for you. If you don’t mind a bit of a squeeze and love a chat with interesting people then these are the perfect choice for you.

The W Trek refugios are located at key points along the trail so that trekkers have a sturdy, warm, shelter after several hours hiking.

Private Cabins

Torres del Paine W Trek Private Cabins

These cabins, which are private, are the Cabins Cuernos, located 50mts up the hill from the Refugio Cuernos in the middle of the W Trek Trail.

The cabins offer a private, snug and cosy alternative to staying in the dorm rooms in the refugio or tents in the serviced camping area.

The cabins are small, A-framed huts that can sleep two comfortably and three if you have a good friend. There are real beds with bedding too.

There is a communal shower and WC unit as well as a communal outside hot tub, from where you can relax after a heavy day walking – but bring your bathing gear.

Serviced Camping

Torres del Paine W Trek Serviced Camping

If you want privacy, like the outdoor experience and want to keep costs down, then the serviced camping option will work in the case. Serviced camping, that includes the tent, ground mat, sleeping bag, liner, and all meals, are located beside the refugios (see below). Tents are also on top of raised platforms. Here at Experience Chile we will be pleased to include serviced camping in your itinerary.

Dome Camping

Torres del Paine W Trek Dome Camping

These domes are located at Frances, which is a spot located half-way between Refugio Cuernos and the entrance to the France Valley (also known as Camp Italiano). The domes are structures built in the shape of a dome, hence the name, and comprise plastic supported over a metallic frame. Each unit is on top of an elevated wooden base and has its own, communal en-suite shower and WC unit. The interior is spacious with a bunk bed configuration in a dormitory format.


Torres del Paine W Trek Estancias

This is hotel is located on an authentic, Patagonia working estancia. This means that on the land are sheep, horses and some cattle as well as thousands of hectares of Patagonian space.

The rooms are in the original, but renovated estancia accommodation buildings. With regard to design, this particular one is the country-style with large, private rooms with equally large en-suite bathrooms in its older sector. The restaurant offers good food and wines.
Here, you can experience life in Patagonia and also sense and feel the history of the past 100 years.

There is only one such place and it is located in the Torres del Paine zone.

Luxury Camping (Glamping)

Torres del Paine W Trek Luxury Camping (Glamping)

The Torres del Paine Glamping means that the accommodation is luxury level camping in either Yurt or Dome tent (two different places in different areas of the Torres del Paine zone). The exteriors maybe hard, plastic sheeting over metallic frames, but the interiors are decorated with nice fabrics, wooden furniture, good beds and bedding, and en-suite bathrooms that you would normally find in an hotel.

One has communal bar and dining area with wine, and in the other has more of an up-market restaurant with good wines. Both options are located within the Torres del Paine zone.


Torres del Paine W Trek Hotels

There is only one hotel actually located on the W Trek trail and this is at the trail head to go up to the Torres Base. This hotel, called Hotel Las Torres, and one of our partners, is a good option to mix with either refugios and / or camping, or as a one or two night rest, followed by nights at other hotels when you complete the trail. The advantage of a hotel is that you get a private room, private en-suite bathroom, usually decent restaurant and an overall more comfortable experience. 

Experience Chile can arrange full W Trek itineraries with accommodation at a hotel each night.

Luxury Lodges

Torres del Paine Luxury Lodges for the W Trek

Should you have the budget, namely a few thousand USD per person, for an all-inclusive 4-night experience then without doubt a stay at one of the up-market, top-end luxury lodges is where you need to be. The top-end of the market offers guests superb comfort, facilities (two of the places have excellent indoor pools), educated guides, nice transport and daily, guided W Trek excursions as well as plenty of other tours.

Here at Experience Chile we are distinguished partners of all the luxury lodges in Patagonia, whereupon we include additional, special offers should you book with us.

Please see our Torres del Paine Accommodation section for full information on the options Click HERE

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