Patagonia Itineraries Ready to Go

The principal service that we at Experience Chile offers is to create custom itineraries according to your desires and travel budget. We have been doing this very successfully for over thirty years. However, there are a number of “typical” itineraries that many people request and therefore in order to make life a little easier for all concerned we have created a number of “ready-made itineraries” that you can “buy off the shelf”.

Should any of the itineraries shown be to your liking please let us know. You can adapt any of them, again, just let us know. You can add people, too, just let us know.

Please remember that we specialise in the individual market, we are not into the large commercial market, therefore, we cater to your needs.


Some of our itineraries have interesting offers that range from free flights, extra free hotel nights and or free transfers.

El Calafate Itineraries

Puerto Natales Itineraries

Punta Arenas Itineraries

Antarctica Itineraries

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