Torres del Paine Fuel-Filling Points

Distances Between Locations

If you have your own car please be aware that distances within the park can be quite long between refugios, hosterias and campsites. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a full tank of petrol (gas) prior to setting off from Puerto Natales, for example. However, at Cerro Castillo, about halfway between Puerto Natales and the Torres del Paine Park entrances, sometimes has petrol, but can also be sold out.

Moreover, there is an emergency supply of petrol in the park near the CONAF centre close to Posada Rio Serrano, but again, this should not be relied upon.

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Routes into Torres del Paine

The Cueva Milodon Route: from Puerto Natales will lead to the Rio Serrano sector with access to:

  • Patagonian Camp
  • Hostel Rio Serrano
  • Hotel del Paine
  • CONAF Park Admin
  • Hotel Grey and Navigation Grey as well as the Explora Hotel
  • Hosteria Pehoe and Pudeto (for the catamaran)

The Cueva Milodon road is accessed by taking the road out of Puerto Natales in the direction towards the airport and Cerro Castillo. After about 16km there will be a LEFT TURN to “Cueva Milodon”. This road leads to the Milodon Cave and then continues into the Rio Serrano sector of TDP and will take about one hour to drive the distance between Puerto Natales and Rio Serrano.

The Cerro Castillo Route: via the border village of Cerro Castillo, is better to get to Estancia Cerro Guido, Laguna Amarga and Hotel Las Torres. Explora Hotel, Hosteria Pehoe and Pudeto (for the catamaran) can also be reached on this route. Also, Tierra Patagonia and Awasi lodges.

Road Distances Between Locations (approx km)

From Punta Arenas to:
  • Laguna Amarga in Torres del Paine (TDP) – 370km (5hrs drive)
  • Puerto Natales – 254km (3hrs drive)
From Puerto Natales to:
  • TDP Laguna Amarga – 115km (2hrs to drive)
  • Cerro Castillo (border village): 58km
From Puerto Natales via Milodon Road to:
  • Patagonia Camp: 68km
  • Serrano Entrance: 83km
  • TDP Park admin. & CONAF Centre: 88km
  • Hostel Lago Grey: 104km
From El Calafate to:
  • Torres del Paine 264Km (6hrs to drive, including two border posts)
  • Puerto Natales 274Km (6hrs to drive, including two border posts)
From TDP Park admin. & CONAF Centre to:
  • Laguna Amarga: 37km
  • Hotel Las Torres: 44 km
  • Hotel Explora Salto Chico: 10km
  • Hosteria Pehoe: 12km
  • Hotel Lago Grey: 16 km
  • Sector Serrano (Hotel Rio Serrano): 8km
From Cerro Castillo (border village) to:
  • Hosteria Mirador del Payne Junction: 27km
  • Hosteria Mirador del Payne: 52km
  • Estancia Cerro Guido Junction: 30km
  • Estancia Cerro Guido: 46km
  • Laguna Amarga: 55km
  • Hotel Las Torres: 63km
  • Laguna Azul: 57km
  • Pudeto: 72km
  • Hosteria Pehoe: 75 km
  • Hotel Explora Salto Chico: 78 km
  • TDP Park Admin. & CONAF Centre: 77 km via Bahía el Bote
  • TDP Park Admin. & CONAF Centre: 92 km via Laguna Amarga
  • Sector Serrano: 76 km via Bahía el Bote
  • Sector Serrano: 100 km via via Laguna Amarga
  • Hotel Lago Grey: 94 km via Bahía el Bote
  • Hotel Lago Grey: 108 km via Laguna Amarga
  • El Calafate: 212 km
From Estancia Cerro Guido (via Laguna Amarga) to:
  • Hotel Lago Grey: 94km
  • TDP Park admin. & CONAF Centre: 78km
  • Laguna Amarga: 40km
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