You may have heard about the other popular trek in the Torres Del Paine National Park, the full circuit “O” Trek. It is called the “O” because it starts and ends at the same place and forms a circular path around the Park. This is the trek that includes the W Trek, but also the trail that goes into the “back country” behind the Torres del Paine Massif. The O Trek is a longer and generally more demanding trek than the W Trek. This trek will take you off to more remote areas with even fewer traces of human life.

Mapa W Trek Elevation Circuit Trek

The trek is recommended for more experienced hikers only taking between seven to nine days, and will require you to camp at two serviced campsites. At a serviced camp site all gear and camping equipment is included as part of the program, so you will not need to worry about bringing your own gear.

If you embark on the O Trek then you’ll be blessed with unique views of the Grey Lake and the Southern Patagonian ice field.


  • Made bed means duvet, pillow and sheets.
  • Simple bed + Kit: The staff provide you the sheets and duvet and you set up the bed.
  • Full Board Means: Hot dinner, breakfast and box lunch (in this order).

Usual Meal Times:

  • Dinner: 19:30 – 21:30hrs
  • Breakfast: 07:30 – 09:30hrs
  • Lunch: 19:30 – 21:30hrs (if trekking you will get a box lunch to go).

The Torres del Paine Circuit Trek Trail (Anticlockwise)

This trail joins the W Trek Trail at Refugio Grey - please see W Trek Route for full W Trek details.


The information below is provided in good faith and we cannot be held responsible for any changes or if some facilities mentioned are not available.

The quality of refugio’s varies and not all the camp sites are serviced. Herewith is a summary of what is on offer from the refugio’s and the serviced camp sites on the “Circuit” and “W” routes.

The route must be walked in an “anti-clockwise” direction. Therefore, although you can start from any of the refugios, the main start place is from Laguna Amarga CONAF entrance, or the Refugio las Torres, Refugio Torre Norte, Refugio Chileno (eastern side of the W trek), or Camping Seron (which is the first serviced camp of the circuit). Note that the trail on the CIRCUIT trek (the back country) are heavily degraded in places. The trail must be walked “anti-clockwise”.

Estancia Sector to Camping Serón

  • Allow 5hrs approx (13km)
  • Vertical Climb 250m
Description of the Route

The trail initially passes through a beech-tree (lenga) wood with openings that offer a constantly changing view. The identifying characteristic of this trail is its abundance of panoramic views (“vistas”), and its excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Camping Serón to Refugio Dickson

  • Distance is 18 km, 6hrs walking
  • Vertical Climb 200 m
Description of the Route

The trail passes through woods and then opens into “pampa” (flat prairie) with views of the northern face of the Paine Massif. This trek allows an opportunity to see “behind” the “Oggioni”, “Tridente” and “Cabeza del Indio” peaks. The viewpoint is not seen by many as this trail is not frequented by as many backpackers as other parts of the park, and rarely is this beautiful sector of TDP highlighted in postcards or photos. From time to time, and on clear days, the peaks of the Towers can be seen rising from behind the mountains. After 6 hours hiking you will be able to see Dickson Refugio and campsite.

Refugio Dickson to Camping Los Perros

  • Distance is 9km, 4.5hr walking
  • Vertical Climb 360m
Description of the Route

During the first hour, if the weather permits, hikers will get a view of the granite needles that encircle the French Valley. The trail then passes through a valley with mountains on both sides before entering a dense forest of towering beech trees before crossing a hanging foot bridge over the “Los Perros” River. Once over the other side the path climbs over glacial moraine whereupon the “Los Perros” Glacier comes in to view. The glacier is bordered by great deposits of rock that create a tiny lake to form at the glacial face. After another hour you will reach the Los Perros camp ground, set within a wood.

Camping Los Perros to Refugio Grey

  • Distance is 22km, 9 hrs walking
  • Vertical Climb 620m
  • Highest Altitude Point 1,241m (John Garner Pass)
  • Descent 1,000m
Description of the Route

This is the longest and most difficult sector of the trekking routes in Torres del Paine. The trail begins with a slight climb, which continues to increase in severity until it reaches a 45° incline at the top of the tree line (approx. 900 meters above sea level). The trail in this sector is also often muddy making it slippery. There is also mud on rocks leading up to the famous John Gardner Pass, at 1,241 meters above sea level.

Once at the summit of the John Gardner Pass, on a clear day, there is undoubtedly the most spectacular view in the Park of Glacier Grey, including Grey Lake and part of the Southern Ice Field. The trail continues on a long, very steep descent followed by what feels like an endless undulating path passing through beech wood (lenga), with occasional glimpses through open areas of the massive Glacier Grey all the way to Refugio Grey.

From here on, please refer to the W Trek sector for all information you need. See the TAB W Trek Trail or click here.

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