The Chilean lakes Region covers a vertical distance of over 349km, which includes at least eight large lakes and numerous other, smaller lakes.

The principal two populated centres are Pucon, beside Lake Villarrica, the northern-most lake of the large lake chain and Puerto Varas, bordering the southern-most, large lake in the chain at Lago Llanquihue (pronounced “yan-kee-way”).

Consequently, most of the accommodation is situated around Pucon and Puerto Varas. However, in between, there are also a few very good options that serve as stop offs, or places to book into for several nights and days.

These places are mentioned further below, but effectively these are located:

In addition, we would like to point out that the following hotels are, in our view, offering the highest level of services and comfort within the Chilean Lake Region. It is therefore possible for us to construct an itinerary through the Chilean Lake system whereupon you stay at top-end hotels in key areas.

Hotel Partners

We will summarise below our hotel partners within the Chilean Lake Region. Why do we have accommodation partners? The basic reality is that we, like you, want to know which hotels are “decent”, and that they offer comfortable accommodation in terms of rooms and facilities, and we prefer to work with those hotels that “pass our test”.

NOTE: Remember that we realise that you may well have a particular hotel, or lodge, that is not shown in our listings. If this is the case, PLEASE tell us what, and where this hotel is, and we will include it in your itinerary.

Lake Ranco

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