Considering that the Chilean Lake Region is so outstandingly beautiful it should be no surprise that people want to come and visit this area. However, the most popular destination in the Lake Region is Pucon, which is located at the south-eastern end of Lake Villarrica.

Both in and around Pucon village there are numerous accommodation options to suit all tastes and requirements. The vast majority are, however, styled as self-catering cabins, typically of wooden construction with kitchenettes, bedrooms and usually a living room.

Unfortunately, the quality of these units varies considerably from the simple, basic and, frankly, not particularly good, to the more professional, comfortable, and better quality.

Locations and views also vary considerably, and this is one area where we come into play by checking out what the options are like in reality.

In addition, there are numerous hotels, some perfectly acceptable, and others not so.

ExperienceChile.Org Inspections

In order to know what is what, we spend considerable time, money, and energy, in visiting as many accommodation options as humanly possible specifically with the aim to check up on what the quality of accommodation, and services is, and where these places are located.

Remember, a picture does NOT give you the whole story.

Therefore, we only work with selected accommodation partners. These are companies and properties that we know we can trust and that offer good accommodation, at good level, in nice places, and such properties are shown below.

In order to better locate the type of property that you want we have also categorised them under our own definitions.

Pucon Hotel Partners

We will summarise below our hotel partners. Why do we have accommodation partners? The basic reality is that we, like you, want to know which hotels are “decent”, and that they offer comfortable accommodation in terms of rooms and facilities, and we prefer to work with those hotels that “pass our test”.

NOTE: Remember that we realise that you may well have a particular hotel, or lodge, that is not shown in our listings. If this is the case, PLEASE tell us what, and where this hotel is, and we will include it in your itinerary.

Premium/Luxury Lodge

These are hotels that merit the distinguished classification of being above those that are not in the premium category. These hotels offer better, overall services, well furnished and decorated rooms, courteous staff – all the ingredients that combine to form the “better than the rest” position.

All Pucon Premium Lodges
Pucon Hotel Vira Vira Featured Image Experience Chile
Hotel Vira Vira, Pucon

Good Level Hotels

The hotels we have put into the "good level" category are those hotels that do not merit being in the "top level", but are not at the lowest level either, hence "mid level". Usually, these hotels are perfectly good for a couple of nights and offer "practical" accommodation and facilities. If you are looking for only a "place to stay" and nothing more than a mid-level hotel will suffice.

All Pucon Good Level Hotels

Approved Hotels

During our inspections we ask the hotel owners if we can stay overnight at the hotel. We ask this because staying overnight is vastly different to just popping in with a quick visit. We like to know what the noise pollution is, what the breakfasts are like, how comfy the beds are, what the staff are like.

Therefore, if you see “inspected & approved” we are saying that we feel the hotel is perfectly good. If it does not have “approved” it means we have not stayed overnight or we feel it is not up to the level that our clients will require.

Approved By Experience Chile

Inspected Hotels

The reason we have a selected number of hotels that we choose to work with is because we regularly visit the hotels in Puerto Natales in order to know what they are really like. We cannot rely on the hundreds of often “suspect” reviews published in the internet. Therefore, we try to promote the better hotels that we know will make your trip more enjoyable. However, if you see that we have “inspected” a particular hotel, this does NOT mean that we recommend it necessarily. The ones we recommend are “approved”.

Inspected By Experience Chile

Other Hotels

We also include in the accommodation section information on hotels that are not, perhaps, that great, and in some cases maybe they are a little “tired”, but clients will often ask for such hotels because the cost is lower or because they are under the mistaken belief that they are better than they are. We have not said derogatory things about these hotels, but if you see a lack of enthusiasm in the description you can derive that that particular hotel is “average”.

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