Trekking in Tierra del Fuego National Park


As with most of the National Parks in Chile and Argentina it is possible to explore the natural beauty and great scenery just by walking. The Tierra del Fuego National Park, just the west of Ushuaia is no exception. Here, below we briefly describe some of the trails that you can hike within this National Park.


Inside the park there are different camping areas where you can spend the night without leaving the park, they are areas with basic services with toilets and drinking water.

The use of trekking poles is recommended, especially on tours such as Cerro Guanaco.

There are many areas of the trails that are muddy and others that are flooded with water such as peatlands, so it is important to bring waterproof shoes and spare socks to keep your feet dry.

If you do not go in your own vehicle, find out about the return times of the buses, have a taxi number on hand or go mentally to hitchhike, which is also an option.

In the summer in Ushuaia the days are very long, being clear almost until midnight. On the other hand, in winter it gets dark around 4 in the afternoon.

In Tierra del Fuego the weather conditions can change suddenly. Be prepared for cold, rain or snow even in summer. If you see that the weather it’s getting worse, start your return as quickly as possible.

Paying the entrance of the park you have the possibility of spending 48 hours inside it as long as you spend the night in it, or if you leave the park, the rangers will seal the entrance ticket and you will be able to return the next day without paying again.

If you go in your own vehicle you will not have any problem to visit Tierra de Fuego National Park. But if you arrived by public transport or hitchhiking, you will need to organize your itinerary well to get the most out of it.

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