Villa O’Higgins, Carretera Austral, Patagonia Chile


This is literally “the end of the road”! If you make it here, you will have arrived to the most southern village on road-connected Chile. The settlements further south, such as Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas cannot be reached by road without driving through Argentina.

One of the main attractions here is a navigational visit to the Glacier O’Higgins – a very large glacier coming down from the Southern Ice Field. However, this trip is dependent on the local weather conditions. Apart from that there are some trekking trails and lakes to visit.

However, there is a great satisfaction that comes with the fact that you are in one of the remotest paces on Earth at the end of the Carretera Austral and at the end of the road of mainland Chile. To cherish this reality, it is worth spending a few days here, just for that.

From Villa O’Higgins is is possible to get into El Chalten in Argentina, but only “by foot”, that is to say you cannot drive. More information about this is below.

Places of Interest

The O'Higgins Glacier

This is a very large glacier that comes down from the Southern Ice field. To see it involves a navigational trip from the port of Villa O’Higgins and is subject to local weather conditions.


Apart from this there are some treks in the nearby hills and woods.

Located from (approx. distances)
  • 2,034km South of Santiago
  • 1,241km South of Puerto Montt
  • 625km South of Coyhaique
  • 303km South of Puerto Guadal
  • 286km South of Cochrane
  • 155km South of Caleta Tortel
El Chalten, Argentina

For those who do not have their own vehicle and wish to continue to El Chalten this is possible, but totally dependent on the local weather situation. If the weather is good and the boat is running, you can take a boat that will navigate down the fiord to Candelria Mancilla. This is the Chilean border post that you will go past before entering into Argentine territory. From here the journey is either on horseback, or by foot to the Laguna del Desierto and on to El Chalten. The trip will take at least 24hrs, so an overnight on the way will be required and the best place is the lodge beside Laguna del Desierto called Aguas Arriba.

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