Mythical Patagonia: a land of fjords, Kaweskar, and Aonikenk. Live the experience of sharing with other adventurers a memorable and unique journey.



Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales – Puerto Mont

Mythical Patagonia: a land of fjords, Kaweskar, and Aonikenk. Live the experience of sharing with other adventurers a memorable and unique journey.

Disconnect and sail Patagonia like the old times

This voyage is an excellent option for people traveling from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales (or back), a city which is only 115 km from the Torres del Paine National Park.

Instead of making the journey by plane, you can sail across and contemplate the beauty of the Patagonian fjords and its incredible flora and fauna.

4 Days and 3 Nights

Our rates include accommodation and meals.

High Season Boarding

Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales: Every Friday

Puerto Natales – Puerto Montt: Every Monday evening

Carretera Austral South Route

Rates​Want to connect to the Carretera Austral South? Or head back from there? Embark with your vehicle on our ferry, we will drive you.

Explore Patagonia’s Southern Highway


​Explore Patagonia’s Southern Highway

Rest and feel safe in your holidays along the Carretera Austral

Our Ferry route that connects with Carretera Austral highway is ideal for adventurers who are traveling Route 7 by car, truck, motorcycle, motorhome or bike, by letting them avoid long driving hours in their travel from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco, and back.

The trip lasts 24 hours and you will be able to rest and sleep in our comfortable bunkbeds cabins (proper beds, not armchairs).

Our rates include accommodation and full board.

Boarding during High & Low Season*:
Puerto Montt – Puerto Chacabuco: Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 PM
Puerto Chacabuco – Puerto Montt: Tuesday and Friday at 6:00 PM

Car rates: (Minor Vehicles)

The following car types will be considered as minor vehicles: Sedán, City Car, pick up truck, Jeep, Station wagon: $148.000 Chilean pesos, tax included. (Rate validity from April 1st to April 30th, 2019)

Commercial Terms:

Special rates only for passengers traveling with cars.

Passengers are required to pay the fare type according to the cabin based on their preferences.

Rates valid only for passengers excluding company agreements.

Vehicles without passengers must pay regular fare.

*Boarding time must be confirmed the day before departure as weather-related delays might occur.

We recommend you to book your cabin and car in advance due to high demand in peak season.


A ferry is a merchant vessel adapted to carry passengers. Loaded cargo includes vehicles, camping motorcars, motorcycles, bicycles, heavy machinery, animals and loading trucks in general.

We have two ferries equipped to carry passengers. Our Ferry Edén has a passenger capacity of 118 with a total length of 136m. Our Ferry Evangelistas has the capacity for 220 trailers with a total length of 114.7m.



Travelling with Navimag is like booking a hostel that navigates across Patagonia, in which you may choose to share your cabin with other travellers or be by yourself if you wish for more privacy. All accommodations include bed linen and a towel.

We have the following types of cabins:


Our travel price it’s all inclusive, meaning, in addition to transportation, the rate includes accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), with the exception of the products offered in the cafeteria. Please take into consideration that we do not sell or offer alcoholic beverages on board our vessels. Please inform if you have a food allergy or if you are a vegetarian when you book your trip with us.


Our cafeteria is a recreational area where you may share with other passengers and listen to talks by our guides.. In addition, you can buy soft drinks, tea, coffee, snacks and basic supplies.

We have the following payment methods on board:
– International Passengers: Cash and credit cards.
– National Passengers: Cash, credit and debit cards


Bilingual guides are available only during the Patagonia Fjords route in high season (November to March), who will attend and entertain you with different talks, karaoke and bingo.

Patagonia is a remote region so there’s no Internet connection available to our passengers. We recommend you take this opportunity to disconnect and talk with other people.

We have a closed.circuit system to which you may connect with our smartphone or tablet to watch movies.

In addition, you can order different board games to share with other travelers. If photography is your thing, you can take the opportunity to shoot birds and whales found in the area. We also recommend you take with you that book that you’ve been wanting to finish for some time now.

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