Special Offer for Carers, Police,
Fire Crew and Heath Workers

Special Offer Logo

We acknowledge the great work and selfless sacrifice that all of you in the above services make for the rest of us in our daily lives, more so during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Therefore, to show our appreciation we are offering any person involved on any of the above-mentioned services the following offer should you book one of our itineraries with us, or ask us to create a custom itinerary for you that that has a total cost of USD2,500 or higher.

A FREE night at any hotel in any city in Chile with one of our partner hotels – our choice of hotel.

Please mention in your enquiry that you are interested in occupying this offer.

Note: This offer is in addition to ALL OTHER offers mentioned in an itinerary or hotel reservation.

Offer applies to a max of two people on an itinerary, in other words one room for two.

Also, the offer is subject to ID verification that you legitimately work in one of the professions mentioned above.

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