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What is Glamping?

Glamping is a recent addition to the English language to describe high-end, luxury-level camping. Typically a place that comes under the “Glamping” category will usually mean that the accommodation is within a Yurt or metalic-framed structure. The interior of these will then comprise a comfortable bed, walls covered by material, nice lighting, and good shower or bathroom with WC. Usually the interiors are of very high standard, better than some hotel rooms in fact.

In and around Torres del Paine there are two properties that come into the “Glamping” category and these are the ECO Camp and Patagonia Camp, and both are described below.

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Glamping Places

Luxury Camping

Patagonia (Yurt) Camp →

Whare is Patagonia Camp Located?

Located about 5km from the Serrano entrance to TDP. Yurt tents covered in durable plastic containing double beds, nice furnishings and en-suite shower rooms combine to create a cosy, high-end feel. However, the interior of the yurts can be very hot in the summer months, and noisy if the wind is blowing.

All connected by board walks at varying levels.

Beautiful views over lake and to the TDP central massif in the distance.

ExperienceChile.Org offers all-inclusive and bed and breakfast programs at Patagonia Camp.

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Where is Eco Camp Located?

Located in the eastern side of Torres del Paine situated up on a hill about 30mts above and 50mts further east of the Torres del Paine Welcome Centre and Refugio Central. The camp comprises a number of octagon metal-frame domes, divided into three categories, covered in tough plastic sheeting to provide roomy bedrooms.

The suite domes are the largest with lots of space including king-sized double bed, log-burning stove, plastic view window and en-suite shower and WC room. Decorated inside like a Bedouin tent with drapes and indigenous fabrics. Outside deck area for sitting down and viewing the Torres and stunning scenery.

The Superior domes (4) are like the Suite domes but smaller and with a small wall heater.

The standard domes (8) are smaller than the superior with no heat and no en-suite, but use of centrally located communal shower and WC facilities.

In the middle of the camp are the “core” domes, which are large domes containing a shop, restaurant and lounge. Adjoined to this is a bar (not under a dome, but conventional wooden roof) and an outdoor deck area for when the sun shines. All domes are connected together by boardwalks.

Very much “high-end” camping and a new experience for most, albeit sometimes with the wind rattling in and around the domes. A relaxed atmosphere, laid back staff.

Very ECO conscious with a focus on minimising as much as possible the carbon footprint and damage to the environment. The waste from the WC is channelled into a chamber to convert into peat, for example and no loo paper is allowed into the WC so one has to use a plastic bin for paper disposal. They recycle as much as the can.

Good for groups.

This is a good place to stay and enjoy comfort, but also the camaraderie often found at hostels, and complete the full W Trek or just do part of the trek.

ExperienceChile.Org offers all-inclusive programs at ECO Camp.

Eco Camp Video

Torres del Paine

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Why is it called the
W Trek?

The W Trek in Torres del Paine National Park is called so because the path marks out a “W” shape on the map. The total distance is around 55km.

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