Hotel Monteverde

Located on the lake-side slopes of the Villarrica Volcano, Ski Pucon Hotel Monteverde offers a small bed and breakfast hotel; spacious, good quality self-catering cabins, and modern self-catering apartments.

Apart from the lovely views down to the lake, Monteverde is an ideal place for those wishing to create their own meals when back from a day at the Pucon ski centre.

About Ski Pucon Hotel Monteverde

Monteverde started with a couple of Scandinavian-style and quality cabins back in the early 1990’s and has grown to offer many more cabins, a small bed and breakfast hotel and a modern apartment building. All placed in such a way whereby there is a lot of space in-between each facility.

In addition, there is a games room, an outdoor hot tub and adjacent sauna and great views down to the lake.

There is also an outdoor pool, but this would not be in use during the ski season.

Hotel Antumalal

The Ski Pucon Hotel Antumalal is a “retro hotel” that has been modernised, but at the same time has managed to keep its 1960’s “James Bond” feel. It is a unique place where many known celebrities have stayed, including HRH The Queen Elizabeth, when she visited Chile in the late 1960’s.

The hotel is position in a quiet area, on its own peninsula, with views to the lake. It is an ideal base from which to venture out and up to the Pucon ski centre on the side of Villarrica Volcano, which is not far away.

About Ski Pucon Hotel Antumalal

From the moment you walk into the hotel foyer and glance to the right, the style of furniture, and overall look, create an impression that you have walked right into the sixties period.

The sixties look, together with the large, angled floor to ceiling windows at the end of the sitting room, and exterior stonework on a robust-looking building also combine to give the feeling that this could easily be a James Bond 1960’s movie set - the HQ of Spectre, for example. For those who love this kind of nostalgia, this “Retro” hotel should fit the bill.

In the winter months the large log fires burn brightly providing, not only warmth, but creating a very welcoming and cosy atmosphere.

The bar is a great place for after ski cocktails and the restaurant serves high level cuisine as well as provides a fine view to Villarrica Lake.
Antumalal offers only a few guest rooms, 12 in fact, and this enables it to maintain a familiar, family style.

Hotel Vira Vira

The Ski Puocn Hotel Vira Vira is one of the best lodge hotels in Chile, let alone Pucon. It is for high-end clients, those who want and appreciate real luxury rooms and overall facilities and who have the budget to enjoy such services.

During the winter months Vira Vira offers some exclusive ski-related excursions including helicopter transport to snowy mountain peaks, and other remote areas as well as, for example, snowshoe walking through snow-laden forests.

The Vira Vira lodge is an up-market, country lodge-style property set within its own 22-hectare estate, beside the Liucura River.

Accommodation is split between 12, luxury, split-level villas, with separate living room with river frontage; 6 suites and a 5-bedroom house for up to 10 guests.

All rooms are tastefully decorated with well-chosen objects, colour selection, wall hangings, rugs and textured fabrics. Tall, picture windows, open views to the natural, outside world.

About Ski Pucon Hotel Vira Vira

The guest rooms at Vira Vira are all decorated, furnished, and styled in a way that exudes quality and style. Such luxury is either expected by guests who have lives of the same level or can be a new experience for those who wish to be “pampered” for a while. Either way, a few nights here will be a fine reward and experience from the usual life that most people endure.

The overall emphasis is one of exclusivity. Guest rooms exude quality, food is gourmet, excursions are varied and designed in such a way to enable guests to appreciate the natural surroundings and culture.

Hotel Corralco Ski Lodge

The hotel Corralco ski lodge is currently the only hotel situated at the Corralco ski centre. One of the wonderful aspects to this hotel is that it is almost surrounded by an Araucaria forest. These unique trees have hard, triangular evergreen leaves packed closely together around each branch. The nickname of this tree is “monkey puzzle” tree, because it is the only tree a monkey cannot climb. Compared to “traditional” trees the appearance of an Araucaria tree is “exotic” and more so when there is a forest of them. Therefore, where Hotel Corralco is located, amid these trees, makes for yet another new experience for people staying here.

The hotel offers 54 guest rooms at good level along with good facilities such as indoor pool, spa and restaurant.

In addition, it is possible to ski out from the hotel and onto the ski lift network.

About Hotel Corralco Ski Lodge

The Hotel Corralco, apart from being in an Araucaria forest, is located within the Malalcahuello National Reserve – an area of outstanding natural beauty, and about half way up the Lonquimay Volcano. The snow-covered area near the summit of the volcano cone is serviced by a ski lift and from here there is access to the ski area on the southern side of the volcano back down to the hotel.

The hotel offers 54 guest rooms, all reasonably spacious, furnished and decorated to a good level. Complementing the guest rooms is a decent indoor swimming pool and spa, restaurant and bar.

In addition to the skiing and hotel facilities there are also a number of activities such as cooking classes, craft work, painting, movies, treasure hunt and so on.

Hotel Alto Nevados Chillan

Introduction to Ski Hotel Alto Nevados de Chillan

The Ski Hotel Alto Nevados de Chillan has a very apt name considering that “alto” means high. Not to be confused with the other hotel known as “Nevados de Chillan”, this hotel is located right beside the main ski slopes of the Nevados de Chillan Ski resort. Obviously, this is very handy for those who like the idea to ski in and out of the hotel on to the piste.

It is a boutique type hotel in a very modern, minimalist style, which will not be to everyone’s liking. More practical than cosy. In reality this is a hotel for ardent skiers who are not seeking any particular “home comforts”, but who want a decent and practical place to sleep overnight.

There are 99 guest rooms in the stretched-cube-like building.

Within the hotel facilities is a cafeteria, bar and ski rental.

More Information About Nevados de Chillan Ski Resort

Please follow this link to see our presentation on Nevados de Chillan ski centre.

About Ski Hotel Alto Nevados de Chillan

Alto Nevados de Chillan is a relatively new hotel located right beside the main, pisted ski run of Nevado de Chillan ski centre.

From the outside it does not look particularly inviting, looking very “block-like”. It is a modern, “design concept” boutique hotel whereupon rooms are spacious, but with little furniture to create any kind of “warm atmosphere”.

It is a practical place to sleep if you love skiing and want to get out onto the slopes directly from the hotel front door.

Hotel Nevados De Chillan

Introduction to Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan

The Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan is a modest, rustic style hotel offering 70 guest rooms located on two floors.
In addition to the rooms the hotel offers two exterior thermally-heated pools.

About Ski Hotel Nevados de Chillan

Offering 70 guest rooms spread over two floors the Hotel Nevados de Chillan is a one alternative for staying in the Chillan Ski resort area.

The hotel on its exterior looks to be quite simple, rustic even, with modest rooms.

One of the benefits, however, of staying at this hotel is the opportunity to bathe in the exterior hot-spring pools with heated water from natural thermal volcanic heat. The hotel also offers a restaurant.

Nevados de Chillan is located near the pistes within a wooded area, and after it has snowed, the scenery here is very picturesque.

More Information About Nevados de Chillan Ski Resort

Please follow this link to see our presentation on Nevados de Chillan ski centre.

Hotel Termas De Chillan

The Ski Hotel Termas de Chillan is the original, 5-star ski hotel for the Chillan ski centre. Today it is no longer the exclusive hotel for the resort, but it still offers a good level of accommodation and facilities.

Its interior of natural wood creates a warm and “mountain-cosy” ambience.

The hotel offers 109 guest rooms plus all the facilities usually associated with a higher-end hotel such as: restaurants, games room, bar, gym, a store and even a hair salon. In addition, as the name would suggest, there is a thermally heated hot springs spa adjacent to the main hotel. As well as the thermal pools there is also an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool.

In addition to providing a comfortable stay, skiers can take the piste down from above and ski through the woods to the hotel.

About Ski Hotel Termas de Chillan

The Hotel Termas de Chillan is a famous hotel in Chile. Known for its naturally fed, volcanically-heated thermal springs as well as a principal ski centre hotel.
When Termas de Chillan opened it was designated a 5-star rating because it had all the facilities required to achieve this rating. Today, it retains the same rating, although the hotel a little older, although it has endured a renovated recently, bringing modernity and a fresh appearance.

The interior is in a style that reflects “mountain warmth” with natural wood visible in many areas.

Another pleasing aspect to this hotel is that there is a forest almost surrounding the building, and a ski run that cuts through the woods leading directly to the hotel.

The 109 guest rooms are spacious and equipped with large beds, well decorated and welcoming.

Other facilities and services include:
Lounge, bar, café, shop, restaurant, ski storage, ski rental, adjacent hot springs spa, outdoor pool and heated indoor pool.
Spa – Alunco Spa and Wellness

Thought has been invested into the look of this Spa, specifically using natural wood in the interior and running water to create a warm, relaxing ambience for people using the facility. This is one of the largest SPA’s in Chile offering a dry sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzies, small pools, massage and other treatments.

Snowshoe hike and snowmobiles are also offered by the hotel.

The Hotel Termas de Puyehue, Lago Puyehue, Chilean Lake Region


The Hotel Termas de Puyehue was designed by the German architect Eugenio Freitag. Construction began in 1937 and was completed in 1942. The initial project was to provide a high-end hot springs and spa for the then Chilean “ruling class”. And, indeed, the better off Chileans came here to enjoy the stunning scenery and bathe in natural, health-providing thermal spring waters.

Today, after an extensive investment program the hotel has been transformed, once again, into a high-end, quality health spa.

From our point of view, for those on a general Chilean Lake itinerary, a stay at Hotel Termas de Puyehue for a few nights will not only provide a great relaxation point, but it will introduce you to Chile’s wonderful natural hot springs (albeit at the hotel the spring water is in indoor and outdoor specialty-pools), but the enormity of the building and stunningly beautiful, natural surroundings offer a truly “good feel” experience.


The actual building the hotel occupies is impressively large. Looking front on, the entrance is an extremely grand, almost like a tower, with a gigantic, high archway. The style is very much like the statement architecture of some buildings built by the Germans around the time of World War II.

The hotel still is very large and spacious inside.

The History

The ownership has changed hands many times starting, initially with the “Sociedad Termas de Puyehue”, partnered with the “Sociedad Turismo y Hoteles de Chile”. This then changed in 1949 when the hotel was taken over by the Banco de Chile, until 1953 when the bank decided to sell the property. People who lived in the nearest city of Osorno appreciated the value of the hotel and created a society to buy it from the bank. The society comprised 10,000 shareholders under the company name of “Termas de Puyehue Osorno Ltda”. But, unfortunately, in 1957 a fire destroyed part of the hotel and from that moment it became difficult to manage as a viable operation.

It was then, in the late 1980’s, when Guillermo Schiess bought 50% of the shares from the holding company with a view to re-establishing Hotel Termas de Puyehue back to its former glory. Guillermo instigated a strategic plan to reopen the hotel and make it a viable business.

Firstly, he opened access to the hot springs during the summer months. He then complimented the summer season by offering accommodation to people who wanted to ski at the nearby Antillanca ski centre – a few kms further up the side of the nearby Casablanca volcano.

Then the hotel underwent a radical renovation and upgrade program that occupied a five-year period and today the hotel is, indeed, a luxury looking, high-end hotel and health spa.

The interior, benefits from well-selected natural wood in as many places as possible, combined with soft lighting, which creates a “warm” and cosy environment.

Space is then occupied with a restaurant, bar, games room and many rest areas.

Lodge Futangue, Lago Ranco, Chilean Lake Region


The Futangue lodge is part of, and connected to, the Futangue Private Reserve. This reserve is like a National Park, but without the National Park classification. It encompasses a large swathe of virgin, native Valdivian rain forest with various trekking trails, lakes and rivers for fly fishing and kayaking, as well as horse riding and other exhilarating, outdoor activities.

People who stay at the lodge can enjoy the reserve each day and then return to the high-level comfort of the accommodation and enjoy great food accompanied with good wine (if wine is your choice!). One of the benefits of coming here is that, unlike the more popular destinations in the Chilean Lake Region and elsewhere in Patagonia, Futangue is a relatively new destination, and the natural wilderness can be enjoyed without too many other people around.

The accommodation at Futangue is split between the main lodge and a separate house, 120mts from the main lodge. Futangue Hotel and Spa offers 16 guest rooms, bar and restaurant and then, in a separate building is the Casa Exloradores (Explorers House) with 10 more rooms.

The Lodge

The Futangue Hotel and Spa is a property located in the meadows very close to Lago Ranco. It is a property that, on its exterior, emits the style of the farm barns and stables in this part of Chile, but in the interior, it is high-end, lodge style offering 16 guest rooms, therefore it can be very personal. It is a boutique property with cosy, wood panelled interiors, as well as flooring.

Casa Exploradores

This is more like a large, private house 120 mts from the main lodge, offering 10 more guest rooms as well as a general terrace from which there is a fine view to the granite, Rumumeica Towers. Guests using the house can eat in the restaurant in the main lodge.

Each of the buildings has interior decoration that is warm and cosy, using colourful, local fabrics and various adornments from the Mapuche culture.

Futangue Private Reserve

The Futangue nature reserve covers a sector of Northern Patagonia and the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The Park borders the northern shore of the large, Ranco Lake. Within the park is considered to be one of the best, and most importantly preserved examples of Valdivian rain forest, containing one of the best biodiversity hotspots on Earth. Surprisingly, the Futange reserve contains 70% of the flora of South American rainforests.

Futangue means “large cannon” in the indigenous, Huilliche language. Large cannon was the name given by the original settlers, to the valley and river passing through it. The forest canopy here is extensive and very beautiful when peppered in snow in the winter months and although mainly evergreen, the changing to red, orange and yellow colours of the deciduous trees looks picturesque in the autumn months. The forest is also home to numerous varieties of flora and fauna, although some of these are under threat such as the Pudú deer and Darwin frog.

Hotel Cabaña del Lago, Puerto Varas, Lake Region

Inspected By Experience Chile


The Hotel Cabaña del Lago offers a hotel with 158 rooms plus 5 self-contained eco-apartment cabins. In 1980 the owner, Luis Wellman, from German ancestry, opened the cabins and later came the hotel and even later arrived a much larger, more modern hotel. Effectively there is a combination of cabins, plus a building that was the original hotel and another, larger building which is a newer part of the overall hotel offering.

This hotel definitely reflects a German style (as does much of the Lake Region in Chile) with the use of natural wood on walls and ceilings.


The main style of the hotel is that of an “Alpine” lodge, with good use of stone and natural wood as well as stone ceramics in areas such as the spa. The 158 rooms are well decorated in a cosy, warm style with the use of natural wood panelling halfway up the wall and nice, warm colouring together with well-chosen bed covering materials. All rooms have a view of one sector of the Lake Llanquihue (pronounced yan-kee-way), but not the volcano.

However, the north-eastern, corner rooms do have the view to the volcano. The principal view from most of the rooms is of the lake and along the lake shore as well as the village of Puerto Varas.

There is also a good indoor swimming pool and spa, a restaurant and event centre.

It should be noted that this hotel caters for families, very well, with amenities such as a children’s room, billiard room, cinema room as well as an outdoor children games area and football field.

Therefore, if you have kids then this is probably a good place to include on your itinerary, on the other hand, if you do not have children and you seek “peace and quiet” then this may not be the place to include in your itinerary.

The Restaurant

From the “Mirador del Lago” restaurant there is a view of the lake, and volcano, as well as food from the locality.

There are also two bars, one is called the Tronador Bar, located on the 6th floor where there is a good view of the Llamquihue lake and Osorno Volcano at the far end.

Hotel Vira Vira, Pucon

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Approved By Experience Chile


For years Pucon was without a high-end accommodation option, but now, at last, it has one. The Vira Vira lodge is an up-market, country lodge-style property set within its own 22-hectare estate, beside the Liucura River.

The Swiss owners, in line with Swiss perfection, have focussed on every detail and aspect of this property to provide real, luxury, high-level accommodation, plus the bits and pieces that accompany such a statement. For example, the food and wine is gourmet, and the wines are among the top end; excursions are operated with exclusivity in mind, some trips are unique to Vira Vira and guides are professional.

Surrounding the main lodge are lush gardens and native woodland and from some areas there is an exceptional view of the snow-covered cone of the Villarrica Volcano.

In addition, the Swiss owners have brought a sense of home with them by way of their very own modern, cheese-making facility, accompanied by their own organic vegetable garden.

Accommodation is split between 12, luxury, split-level villas, with separate living room with river frontage; 6 suites and a 5-bedroom house for up to 10 guests.

All rooms are tastefully decorated with well-chosen objects, colour selection, wall hangings, rugs and textured fabrics. Tall, picture windows, open up views to the natural, outside world.


In line with other top-end accommodation lodges in Chile, such as the likes of Tierra, Explora, Singular and Viña Vik, the Vira Vira is currently the best high-end accommodation offering within the Pucon area.

The guest rooms are all decorated, furnished, and styled in a way that exudes quality and style. Such luxury is either expected by guests who have lives of the same level or can be a new experience for those who wish to be “pampered” for a while. Either way, a few nights here will be a fine reward and experience from the usual life that most people endure.

The overall emphasis is one of exclusivity. Guest rooms exude quality, food is gourmet, excursions are varied and designed in such a way to enable guests to appreciate the natural surroundings and culture.

Great care is taken to suit the excursion and / or activity to the individual guest’s abilities and health as well as personal desires. With this in mind, there are over 39 excursion activities accompanied by educated guides.

Community Visit

Vira Vira, like most of Pucon, is built on native Mapuche land. The owners took great care to involve the Mapuches in the process of building the property on their land and one of the things to come out of this is a good relationship with the Mapuche people. Consequently, at Vira Vira there is an option to visit a traditional Mapuche Ruka House and learn about their unique culture. See at close quarters how a Mapuche woman weaves on her loom and enjoy some of their culinary heritage.

Hotel, Cabins and Apartments Monteverde, Pucon

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Monteverde started as a good quality self-catering cabin option but has developed into other configurations that include self-catering apartments, as well as a bed and breakfast hotel. Therefore, no matter what your accommodation need is, Monteverde can provide.


Hotel, Cabins and Apartments Monteverde is a family owned and run affair. The husband-and-wife team, who also live on site, have developed Swedish-style and German quality self-catering cabins that are not only cosy, well equipped, and spacious, but also offer superb views down to Lake Villarrica and beyond.

The complex, for want of a better category description, is located 5km from Pucon village, on a steep hill side, up and away from the main lake-side road, set amid nice gardens.

Apart from the 16 cabins (capacity for 2 to 8 guests), which are ideal for couples or families seeking spacious, private, house-like accommodation, there is a quaint, small hotel with rooms for 2 to 3 guests that offers breakfast included. This is very suitable for couples.

And, finally, there is a separate unit comprising modern apartments for 2 to 4 guests, with small kitchens.

The style throughout the accommodation options is very much that of an English country cottage, especially in the hotel.

In the cabins the style is also country but mixed with a Scandinavian flavour as well. Each cabin comes with a small kitchenette, log-burning stove, and plasma tv as do the self-catering apartments.

In addition to the accommodation there is an outdoor pool set in nice gardens, plus a smaller, heated, children’s pool, a playroom with basketball hoop, table football and games. Beside the hotel is a sauna and outdoor hot tub.

In addition, there is access to the beach at the lake side for those who fancy a swim in the lake.

The Hotel Antumalal, Pucon

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The Hotel Antumalal is a nostalgic, boutique hotel, which is also a family business. The origins date back to 1938 when Guillermo and Catalina Pollack - Rindler, from Prague, emigrated to Chile to escape the War.

The History

It was then, in 1944, with the opening of a tea salon beside Lake Villarrica, when the seeds were sown for the Antumalal Hotel. Catalina Pollak, along with her mother Davita, set about creating delicious cakes and tarts based upon traditional recipes from their homeland that were sold at the tea salon. People came to visit this beautiful spot and enjoy their tea accompanied home-made cakes.

The name Antumalal originates from the Mapuche language and means “sun set”, of which, on a clear day, there is a beautiful one over the lake.


One day, as fate would have it, the then President of Chile, Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, came to have tea at the salon. Guillermo, not one to shy away from an opportunity, approached the president and asked if it would be possible to receive a loan from the state to build a hotel on this 5 -hectare spot, only 2km from Pucon village.

The president helped Guillermo through the Chilean State office called Corfo, the department that helps finance entrepreneurial projects. This, therefore, was when the Antumalal hotel project was initiated.


The architect, Jorge Elton, in line with the 1940’s style of Bauhaus together with Frank Lloyd Wright, created the plans for the hotel. However, one thing that Guillermo insisted upon was that the building had to be strong, just in case a volcanic eruption resulted in rocks and stones falling down onto the roof. Therefore, in view of this possibility the hotel was built with an extra strong, reenforced roof.

Construction took five years to complete and the hotel, with landscaped gardens, was open for business in 1950.

VIP Guests

At this time, access to Pucon was not particularly easy. The road from Villarrica was rough and unpaved. Pucon was not particularly developed and the people who frequented the area for “down time” were often fishermen. However, over time, more and more people discovered both the charm and beauty of the Pucon location as well as the, at that time, best hotel in the area - the Antumalal. It is not surprising that many celebrities of the day, especially in the 60’s came to stay at the hotel. On the wall, to the right of the entrance lobby, there are wonderful pictures of a past era of high-profile guests such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Neil Armstong, James Stewart, Barry Goldwater and Isabel Allende.

In 2010 a modern spa was added to the property, embedded, skilfully into the hill side, comprising of a sauna and a half indoor / outdoor pool with the indoor part enjoying a wide, open, log fireplace.

The hotel is small, offering 12 guest rooms from which there is either a lovely view to the flower-rich gardens and / or to the lake, plus 3 suites, 3 independent chalets and 1 small, independent house. Total capacity is for 55 guests.

Today the property is still managed by a Pollack, Rony Pollack to be precise – Guillermo’s daughter.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The most significant claim to fame for this hotel is that back in 1968, when Queen Elizabeth II was touring South America, Her Majesty came and stayed at Antumalal along with her husband Prince Phillip.

They were not alone, accompanied by an entourage of staff and advisors, the Queen also acted as an arbitrator between Chile and Argentina over a border dispute, and a meeting about this issue was held here at Antumalal. To this day there is a wonderful black and white picture on the wall of the entrance lobby of Her Majesty standing beside Prince Phillip on the terrace looking down to the lake. It has been said that the Queen has mentioned to more than one Chilean Ambassador to the UK that she has very fond memories of her stay at Antumalal.

There is one cabin named “the Royal Suite” and this is where the Queen stayed. We are not sure if they have changed the sheets since!


Apart from the visit by Her Majesty the Queen of England back in the sixties, the hotel is a relic from that period in time. From the moment you walk in and glance to the right, the style of furniture, the lamp stands, and overall look, create an impression that you have walked right into the sixties period.

This feeling, together with the design of the hotel with large, angled floor to ceiling windows and exterior stonework on a robust-looking building also combine to give the feeling that this could easily be a James Bond 1960’s movie set - the HQ of Spectre, for example. For those who love this kind of nostalgia, this “Retro” hotel should fit the bill.

The location is wonderful. Set on its own hillside, away from the busy main road, surrounded by woods and looking down onto spectacular green, flowered gardens, beyond which is a slice of Lake Villarrica, is a dream set up. And then there is the view from the terrace down to the lake and the Pucon Peninsula opposite, beyond which is the high, limestone, forested mountains in the distance that provide, quite simply, a “World Class” view.

On the other side, to the west, is the view to almost the entire lake, whereupon on a summers evening there are spectacular sun sets to admire as the sun goes down, reflecting off the lake water.

There are only 12 guest rooms in the main building at Antumalal. And, in line with its desire to keep its sixties heritage, rooms are simple, but comfortable. Some may say that even though rooms have been upgraded to a good level, that they are slightly on the rustic side, but that goes hand in hand with the overall style of the property. Bathrooms are, however, modern.

The restaurant enjoys a fine view to Lake Villarrica, with an adjacent exterior terrace, which is ideal for “sun downers”, and has got a reputation for providing very good food.

In the grounds there is a sauna and half indoor / outdoor pool, steps down to a private beach and some walking trails in the grounds.

For nostalgia, quiet and tradition, Antumalal is a good place to be based during your stay in the Pucon Area.

Hotel Tierra Chiloe, Western Patagonia

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ExperienceChile.Org will arrange all-inclusive programs based at Hotel Tierra Chiloe that will allow you to explore and see many areas of Chiloe Island.

In line with the other Tierra properties in key destinations of interest in Chile, the Tierra Chiloe offers, currently, in our opinion, the best level of accommodation on Chiloe Island.

The main building is an architectural delight mixing raw cement and practical modernity with cosy, natural wood; along with spacious common areas and guest rooms, all with large windows through which to admire the mix of tidal inlets, wetlands and rural countryside.

The service is professional and personal. The food menu is tasty and creative along with quality wine options. Breakfast, too, is full of healthy and delicious alternatives.

Ideally, if selecting to include Tierra Chiloe in your itinerary, you should go for one of the all-inclusive options. There is nothing better than to go out each day on an excursion to visit and explore parts of Chiloe Island and then return to a welcoming and comfortable base. Here at ExperienceChile.Org we will encourage you to let us include Tierra here, and in any of the locations where a Tierra exists, and we will add to your itinerary a benefit of some kind.


The Tierra brand is all about superseding the expectation. Each of the Tierra properties emits an innovative, unique, and surprising structure that, from the moment of check-in, will put the guest into an emotion of intrigue which only adds to the overall enjoyment of your stay.

At Tierra Chiloe the modern, boutique lodge fulfils the element of positive surprise.

With a modest 24 guest rooms the staff can maintain a personal level of service and guests will not feel they are part of the “masses”.

The location of the lodge is in a remote hill side of the Rilan peninsula. On one side is the channel between the peninsula and the Island of Lamuy, then slightly to the right of the hotel on the sea channel side, is the wet lands of Pullao where a variety of birds come down to feed.

In front of the property are small, grass-covered knolls, or tiny hills and a small wood.

The interior of the lodge is warmly lit, furniture is chosen to be comfortable and “natural”, and then there is the central open, copper fireplace that creates a central, cosy ambience.

The lodge is a base from where to explore the places of interest and cultural aspects of Chiloe Island as well as participate in activities such as horse riding, trekking and boat navigations to other islands.

Hotel Castro, Castro, Chiloe Island, Western Patagonia

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The Hotel Castro was formally known as the Hosteria Castro, but has endured a renovation, along with guest-room extension, resulting in an upgrade to full “hotel” status.

It is a modern building just off the main Castro Plaza. Rooms are decorated and furnished to a decent level and the hotel also offers a small indoor pool and spa.


The Hotel Castro is a “practical” hotel offering 49 guest rooms in total, 29 rooms in the standard category and 20 suites. All rooms with central heating, en-suite bathrooms, TV and Wi-Fi.

The 20 suites are a newer extension of the original hotel and these are more spacious and better decorated than the standard rooms. These rooms also enjoy a view to the Castro fiord and peninsula opposite.

There is a restaurant that offers many options but specialises in sea food.

The Hotel Centro de Ocio, Castro, Chiloe, Western Patagonia


The Hotel Centro Ocio is a small, rustic, boutique-style lodge sitting amid its own 20-hectare site of land. The hotel offers 11 guest suites in various accommodation options, nice views over the Castro fiord and back to the city of Castro, from its high-ground position on the Rilan Peninsula. It enjoys, too, access to its own beach and woods, and offers excursions to all interesting places of interest throughout Chiloe Island as well as various activities.


The hotel also aims to be a self-sustainable operation and do all that they can to support rural life and nature. Processes have been implemented to reduce the environmental impact of running a hotel by way of recycling glass, plastics and cardboard and using organic waste to put back into the soil. And, where possible the hotel practices “fair trade” by checking up on suppliers to see if they follow fair trade guidelines in their processes.

The exterior as well as the interior occupies lots of natural wood to create a warm, cosy environment.

ExperienceChile.Org will arrange all-inclusive programs based at Centro Ocio that will allow you to explore and see many areas of Chiloe Island.


The emphasis of the Centro Ocio Hotel is to provide guests with a relaxing ambience, a place to rest and an opportunity to connect with nature and explore Chiloe Island.

Along with the personal service ethic, the accommodation is “warm and cosy”, with each guest room enjoying views down to the Castro channel, or fiord, and the surrounding gardens.

Hosteria Ancud, Chiloe, Western Patagonia

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The Hotel Ancud, officially the “Hosteria Ancud”, hosteria meaning more of a simple level hotel, has been the principal accommodation site in Ancud for many years. The property enjoys a privileged position on high ground which, from the gardens and sea-side part of the hotel grounds, there is a nice view to the sea, which is great for sunsets.

The hotel bedrooms are at modest level, although the suite appears to be better. In addition to the 24 rooms there is a restaurant, bar and conference room.

The restaurant is lined, on one side, with large windows that open up the view to the sea.


The Hosteria Ancud offers 24 guest rooms. The hotel is located in a residential sector of Ancud, offering nice views to the sea from the garden.

This is a modest hotel, which is more like a lodge with its tree-log interior walls and stone-floored lobby.

The El Mosco Lodge, Villa O’Higgins, Carretera Austral, Aysen, Patagonia

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The Lodge was created by a backpacker who fell in love with raw Patagonia. It started as a simple hostal, but in 2005 is morphed into a better level property.


The El Mosco Lodge is a simple, rustic property offering a “no frills” accommodation option in very remote Villa O’Higgins village, some 571km south of Coyhaique. Here, is literally, “the end of the road”. The end of the Carretera Austral and the end of the road on mainland Chile (there is no road through Chile connecting to Punta Arenas, further south).

This is a simple property, but offers a self-catering cabin, camping, single and double rooms with private and shared bathrooms, a lounge, a common room with maps, books and Wi-Fi and a friendly kitchen.

There is also a sauna and hot tub.

Guests can use the kitchen to prepare their own meals.

This is the kind of place where you can meet other travellers, have some drinks, read books and play games.

Entre Hielos Lodge, Caleta Tortel, Carretera Austral, Aysen, Patagonia


Considering that Caleta Tortel is a simple, rustic village (yes, we use that term for the entire village), build almost entirely atop of stilts and connected only by wooden board walks, the Entre Hielos Lodge is somewhat of an impressive feat, offering a small oasis of decent-level accommodation in an otherwise lack of any decent alternatives.

The lodge is a rustic property offering a few rooms decorated in a cosy and warm way. Service is provided by the family owners, and they are personable and friendly. There is a small, but cosy, library area and living room as well as a small, combined kitchen-dining room area, where good local produce and home-cooked food is served.

It is important to note that electricity is rationed in Tortel and therefore there is no electricity during the late hours through to the morning.


The lodge Entre Hielos is a small, simple, but warm and cosy rustic accommodation option in Caleta Tortel.

If you wish to experience Caleta Tortel or require a logistical night here (although the minimum stay is two nights) then Entre Hielos is really the only option if you want somewhere reasonably comfortable.

Explora Lodge Patagonia National Park, Carretera Austral, Aysen, Patagonia

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The Explora brand is present in a number of key destinations in both Chile and Argentina. The emphasis of the product is that guests can enjoy and receive quality accommodation and services whilst being located amid a place of outstanding, natural beauty. These beautiful areas can then be explored each day, accompanied by educated guides with a return to the comfort of a top-end lodge at night.

Recently Explora has been granted the concession to operate what used to be the Tompkins Foundation Lodge in the heart of the Chacabuco Valley which, itself, is within the Patagonia National Park.

The Park covers more than 300,000 hectares.

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The Explora Lodge offers 6 incredibly well furnished and decorated guest rooms, within an equally luxurious-level lodge.

The materials used in construction, including natural stone and wood have been finished to a quality level. The choice of interior furnishings, as well as artistic prints create a traditional, Italian-style environment.

If you are accustomed to quality, high-end living, or just want to treat yourself to this level, be totally cut-off from the rest of the World and experience raw, Patagonia at close quarters, then a stay here is a must.


The purpose of Explora Lodges is to offer guests high-level accommodation and facilities during the rest time and educational, active excursions during the daytime.

The Explora Lodge Valle Chacabuco follows this philosophy. The actual lodge offers 6 very comfortable guest rooms within an equally very tastefully furnished and interior-decorated main lodge.

The ethos of the Tomkins Foundation, and in line with that of Explora, is to protect the environment as much as possible. To this end the Explora lodge is built from stones obtained from quarries in the Chacabuco Valley and the wooden beams, as well as the floors, are all from recycled wood.

The kitchen also goes to great lengths to use primarily organic and biodegradable cleaning products.

Patagonia Park is in the process of adopting a 100% renewable energy system, which will make it the first self-sustaining energy park in the world.

One thing that guests should be aware of it that there is no electricity after midnight until 07:00hrs the next morning.

The main living room as well as the dining room are ideal spaces where guests can unwind and relax after a day of hiking. Here, guests can sip quality wine or other drinks prior to dinner and chat about how the day has been. There are also large comfortable and cosy chairs to sit into by the stone-sided fireplace. And at night, as long as the sky is clear, there is the terrace from where to gaze at the stars.

The location of the lodge is in the heart of the Chacabuco Valley, which in turn, is within the Patagonia National Park in the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia.

This particular valley used to be a main hunting route and is still a place where the local fauna traverses through Patagonia.

Hacienda Tres Lagos, Puerto Guadal, Lake General Carrera, Patagonia

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Located just off the south-western corner of Lake General Carrera, and the Cruce el Maiten, and only a few km west of Puerto Guadal, is Hacienda Tres Lagos. Named so because there are three lakes that are close by.

Although it has the name “hacienda” in its name, which means “ranch”, there are no cattle, sheep or horses on the land in the traditional ranch sense. Instead, there are independent, lodges spread around the western shore of Lake Negro. These accommodation modules allow for 22 guest rooms, all furnished to a high level, but maintaining a rustic style. Each room enjoys a fine view of the nearby lake and Patagonian scenery.

The hacienda occupies a fraction of the 1,400 hectares of the land it manages. In addition to the guest rooms is a “club house”, where the restaurant is located, a wine bar, “art gallery”, small library and traditional Patagonian Quincho (Barbecue House).

The property offers options such a trekking, local tours to the places of interest and other local activities. If you wanted to walk around the Lake Negro it covers 4km.

Apart from offering accommodation, the emphasis, according to the owners, is to protect the environment and in line with this objective they have embarked on a reforestation program by planting over 30,000 native trees on the land including Lengas, Coigües and Araucarias. In addition, the property has its own wastewater treatment plant in order to avoid contamination of the world's largest freshwater reserve.


The Hacienda Tres Lagos is like an upmarket, rustic-style resort whereby the accommodation is of good quality as well as food. There is a central “club house” that houses the restaurant and other amenities such as a small library, wine bar and “art gallery” and from where guests can book a number of tours to see local places of interest and / or activities.

It is set in a beautiful location beside one lake and very close to two others, hence the name “tres lagos” (three lakes).

It is not a massive place because it only offers 22 guest room, so this means that everything is still quite personal.

Tierra Luna Lodge, Lake General Carrera, Carretera Austral, Patagonia

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Located 290km South from Balmaceda airport (Coyhaique), which requires a road transfer of up to 5hrs, the Terra Luna Lodge is a unique accommodation option.

All the lodges are built from natural wood, apart from the dome units, and therefore the end result is a warm welcome and cosy comfort sensation.

Various accommodation units range from a cabin in a tree, to a room inside an old boat, an independent small house, apartments, domes, bungalows and cabins. If you like creativity, then this is the place. The French owner is also a “serious adventurer” who has developed a number of trekking trails, helicopter excursions and the Patagonia Jet boat all designed to take guests into the heart of remote Patagonia.

There is a main “club house” where meals are served and from here is a beautiful view to Lake General Carrera and the snow-covered Andes beyond.

Located by its own beach there is a roof-covered, outdoor hot tub for those wishing to relax outdoors and enjoy the lapping of the waves.


Terra Luna has is the concept of an experienced “outdoor adventure specialist” who has created a place with an emphasis on having fun.

The location of the property is on a hill side facing a small bay of lake General Carrera not far from the Puerto Guadal village.

As with the other accommodation options in this area, many of the attractions are accessible, such as the Marble caves, the River Baker, the waterfall confluence of the River Baker and River Neff as well as Valle Chacabuco. In addition, the owner here runs the helicopter tours and Patagonia Jet boat. Therefore, if you stay here there will be a lot to do.

Other activity options include horse riding, biking, overlanding, zip wire (called canopy) and trekking.

The guest capacity is 68 and the property has, believe it or not, a private discotheque (yes, a good sound system and roof-hanging glitter ball!), bar, restaurant, audio-visual room, cinema, jacuzzi, hot tub, sauna, mini climbing wall, and billiard table.

The accommodation units are refreshingly interesting with, for example, a room built within a tree, with a lower deck for an outdoor bed. There is also a small room within an old boat plus the more traditional rooms in cabins, apartments, bungalows and domes.

Although one can stay here and enjoy the Patagonian peace and tranquillity, this is very much the place for those who really enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Mirador Guadal, Lake General Carrera, Patagonia

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The individual cabins, that comprise Mirador Guadal (which means Guadal Viewpoint), are positioned spaciously apart on a steep-sided hill facing Lake General Carrera.

There are 8 cabins spread around the property ranging from 2-person capacity rooms to family suites where capacity is 4 people in a cabin.

Each cabin, or room, is well finished, warm, cosy and modern rustic style, as well as offering a nice view to the lake.


In 1997, inspired by the beauty and tranquillity of the area on the southern shore of Lake General Carrera, the owners planned to build several, quite spacious, independent cabins with views to the lake, and did so a few years later.

Before commencing with the construction, the location of where each cabin would go was carefully considered in order that each one would have its own, unique view of the lake as well as receive the required privacy from other cabins with guests. Thought was given to where the windows would go, what size they should be as well as allowing for rooms to be spacious and comfortable. Planning even included the provision for sufficient space where a guest could read and be close to the fireplace.

In addition to the accommodation cabins, there is a restaurant, for breakfast and dinner, from where there are views through the woods to the lake beyond and glaciers atop the Northern ice field.

The emphasis here is on personal service and attention.

Mallin Colorado Eco Lodge, Lake General Carrera, Carretera Austral, Patagonia

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Mallin Colorado occupies 12 hectares of steep hill side and forest. In a sector cleared of trees are a number of independent cabins, made from natural logs, each reflecting a cosy charm of “the forest”. The interiors have warm lighting, log-burning fires and are generally decorated in a “homely” way. As they say themselves, their accommodation modules are a “fusion” between the rustic look and modern comfort.

Each of the four cabins enjoy an elevated view down to the edge of Lake general Carrera, with a Patagonian forest to the back.

More recently, an additional accommodation lodge has been added.


Mallin Colorado is truly a very quiet place where the only sound at night is the Patagonian wind, if it is blowing. The objective of Mallin Colorado is to offer guests a real place where they can be “cut off” from the normal hustle and bustle of modern life. If you just want to sit in your cabin, look at the view, read a book and not be disturbed then this is definitely the place to do that.

However, if you wish to participate in activities such as hiking and / or visit the local, natural attractions then you can do that too.

The principal lodge is what they call “the club house”. This is a very homely place with a stone-sided log fireplace, dining tables and sitting room area. The kitchen is within this building and where guests can come and enjoy their breakfast and other meals.

In addition, and in line with other Patagonian properties, there is a “Quincho”, which means barbecue place where roast lamb is often prepared.